Jyordanna Davey

+ Forward

+ Sacred Heart


- Quality shooter 

- Clutch player

- Strong under contact     

Jyordanna is a 6'1" athletic forward with the ability to score inside and out. She is able to defend all 5 positions although is most effective defending on the interior with an effective shot-blocking ability.
Jyordanna is able to stretch the floor with a consistent shot and ability to shoot well from the three. Jyordanna has a good work ethic and understands the game well.

Wing Span 1.91

Standing 2 Foot Vert :46 cms

3/4 Court Sprint: 3.13 sec

Box Agility 1: 7.21 sec 


WBC wellington team
Capital swish x2years
Capital under 15 + captain
NZ elite
Hutt valley rep team
Splash basketball
Sacred heart college team


• Under 15 national champions + MVP + tournament team 2018
• Melbourne tour champions 2019
• NZ talent identification 2016-2021
• Steven Adams high school invitational 2020-2021
• Steven Adams teal team winners 2021
• Under 17 tournament team 2019-2021
• 2nd national rep tournament 2021
• The summer series champions + MVP 2021
• Summer series champions 2019
• Junior tall fern selectee 2021
• Awarded SHC "sports women of the year" 2020

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