Makenzee Boucher

+ Point Guard

+ Westlake Girls High School


- Speed

- High Basketball IQ 

- Ball Handler 

- Court Vision

- Defence

Intake year 2022

Coaches Contacts

Coach Carter

Makenzee is a dynamic point guard with speed to burn which she uses to beat her defender. She loves extending her defence full court and is an aggressive and physical defender. Offensively she has a high basketball IQ and great court vision to find open players for passes. She is true point guard and runs and leads the team naturally. She is interested in extending her studies in Business Commerce.

Height : 170cm

Wing Span: 166cm

Standing 2 Foot Vert : 51cms

3/4 Court Sprint: 2.73 sec

Box Agility 1: 6.26 sec 


U15 North Habour A Representative x 2 years

Captain U17 North Habour A Representative 2 years

WGHS Premier player Yr 9-12 

Captain WGHS Premier player Yr 13

Junior 3x3 Yr 12 -13

Junior Premier Yr 9,10

Harbour Cyclones Senior D-league team Captain 2021


Awarded WGHS’ rookie of the year’

NZ Talent Identification 2016,17,18,19,20

NZ U16 Reserve 2019 Oceania World Champion Qualifiers

Junior 3x3 National Champions 2018

Auckland Senior A Champion 2017,18,19

3rd Secondary School Nationals 2019

Steven Adams invitational 2020

Steven Adams Invitational Black Team Captain 2021

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