Vitolia Tuilave

+ Center

+ Mount Maunganui College



- Offensive and Defensive Rebounder 

- High Percentage Shooter and Shot Blocker  

Vitolia is a 6’3 long athletic forward with great size that is able to stretch the floor. She is a strong interior defender and has the ability to change shots with her elite shot-blocking ability. She has great range with a soft touch around the basket and able to shoot the three consistently. She continues to develop her inside game and is most effective from the short corner, popping off screens and as a trail post in transition. Vitolia has a high basketball IQ and very good court vision. She understands her position and role well and is able to create for her teammates using both her body and the ball..

Wing Span 1.99

Standing 2 Foot Vert :54cms

3/4 Court Sprint: 3.05 sec

Box Agility 1: 7.46 sec 

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